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Chris "Poppa" Foster is a Tulsa based songwriter, pianist and singer who brings together his love of New Orleans piano greats, Memphis soul, Delta blues and Tulsa Americana. Rooted in Southern tradition, he's a piano innovator, infusing his eclectic piano styles into his stories and songs.

The pragmatic yet imaginative showman has been enthusiastically endorsed by regional media outlets. Richard Higgs co-host of the NPR show "Folk Salad," has praised Gravy Baby (Foster's newest release), "Loving the new record! I've never heard anything else quite like it... This is a fine, highly original piece of work. By a true artist."

With a career spanning decades, he has performed and recorded with a diverse group of artists including John Moreland, Todd Clouser, Steve Pryor, Brian Haas, Seth Lee Jones and Wink Burcham. He sat in for the late Leon Russell, singing and playing piano with Russell's touring band at Circle Cinema for Leon's 75th birthday/memorial celebration.

Poppa has weekly solo residencies in Tulsa, while also recording, mixing and mastering his own and other local artists' music, playing with his own bands and touring around the south and central US and Hawaii.

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